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Question (Category: Home Improvement)
How do you get rid of honeysuckle vine in your garden? It is taking over and killing the flowers. I have tried by pulling the vines out but cannot get it under control.
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I sympathize with you. I live in East Texas, and the honeysuckle easily gets out of hand. I like the way it smells, but I try to keep it out of the flower beds. You can cut, pull, and curse at the things and they will still grow back bigger than ever.

I recommend going to your local chemical store and asking for a product that contains the chemical glyphosate. I believe Roundup still uses glyphosate, but since the patent expired, other products use it as well. If you can buy the chemical by itself, you can mix up a more potent solution. It's used for killing weeds with a woody stem. Here's the tricky part. It will probably harm anything in the vicinity. Mix it up in a pump sprayer, and spray the leaves and stems of the honeysuckle. You can use a tarp or plastic bags to cover your flowers. You will probably need to spray it several times. The leaves of the honeysuckle will absorb the chemical and eventually kill the roots.

The key is patience and persistence. Good luck!

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