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Question (Category: Ford)
My daughter has a 1994 Ford Explore 4x4 with auto trans She was having overheating problems when going up hills so I replaced the radiator and the thermostat. when I took it out for test drive going up a very steep grade it still got hot but I noticed that the engin pinged real bad and it seemed to have no power. what might be the cause?
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Hi jsborn. Thank you for asking your question on JustAnswer The pinging can be caused by an overheating condition as well as a drop in fuel pressure ( lean engine) which can cause the lack of power. If you are sure the radiator cap is holding pressure and the head gaskets are sealing, I would start with checking fuel pressure, (35 to 45 psi) , cooling fan for proper draw across the radiator (air flow) and last but not least, exhaust back pressure (plugged Cat converters).

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