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Question (Category: Pediatrics)
My 10 1/2 month old infant has had 3 spells where her arms from her shoulders down and her legs from her knees down become blue and mottled with a 5 second cap refil. Took her to the dr the first time and she said it was because her extremeties were cold, but they didn't get cold until after it happened. later that night she started to run a fever so i chalked it up to that. It lasted about 30 minutes. It has happened twice more, with the second episode also having some bluish hues in her cheeks. She had no difficulty breathing or distress, looked at me smiling the whole time. She started to vomit after the second time, and the third time was running a fever and diagnosed with uti. She has had a heart murmur since birth that has never had an echo or anything to confirm if it is benign. Any suggestions?? Pregnancy uneventful, scheduled repeat cesarean.
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I would encourage you to have her doctor send her for an echocardiogram since she has a murmur that has not been evaluated and she is having blue spells. Though not likely, this is the description of a child with Tetralogy of Fallot, a complex heart condition that usually causes problems with cyanosis (blue all over) shortly after birth but a minority of those patients are what is known as pink Tets because they are not cyanotic very often, and all of these patients may have what is known as Tet spells where they may squat and turn blue - the squatting is thought to be instinctive to improve circulation perhaps.I'd have an echo done for sure.If I have answered your questions completely I would appreciate you clicking on the ACCEPT button. Please also take a moment to leave a POSITIVE feedback. This response is for your information only and does not substitute for a visit to your doctor.

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