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Question (Category: Veterinary)
My 30 pound hound and 50 pound bassett ingestied around 25 Oreo Cookies.Should i take them to the vet?
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Luckily there is not a ton of chocolate in the oreos and it takes quite a bit to cause chocolate toxicity in dogs this size. However, it would be best to get the cookies out of their system. Try giving 4 tablespoons of peroxide to the smaller one and 6 to the bigger one orally to induce vomiting. It can be repeated in 10 minutes. The signs of chocolate toxicity are trembling, hyperexcitability, panting, and possibly seizures. Think of a dog with a caffeine overdose. There is no antidote but if you see these signs it would be best to have them checked by a vet so medications can be given until the chocolate is out of their system. If you have more questions please let me know. Here's a link with more: If I've been helpful please remember to click the ACCEPT icon. Thank you.Sincerely,

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